You Are Here

An approximately chronological list of recent small projects.

Garden, June 2017.

Year two of having a garden is proving much more succesful. Obvious, important significant differences: addition of 8 inches of new topsoil, drip irrigation, and proactive pest control. Remaining difficulties: insane overfertilization of existing soil.

Roadtrip Data Explorer, April 2017.

Visualizing wearable camera data through geography and deep learning image captioning tools.

Analying images for "social interestingness," August 2016.

Using Python and Selenium to scrape tens of thousands of "social images."

Phased-based frame interpolation, a Julia implementation, July 2016.

Using Julia and my multi-scale image decomposition library, Pyramids.jl, to implement "Phase-Based Frame Interpolation for Video."

Stretching journeys onto a time/1-D space axis, June 2016.

Rendering OpenStreetMaps with a custom defined projection.

Bacon corsages, January 2016.

A project for Appetite Obscure 10: Dating.

Language dot maps, August 2015.

Maps in the style of the Racial Dot Map showing primary spoken languages in San Francisco.

Descending the Neural Network bandwagon, July 2015.

Gradient descent, for kittens!

Good Morning Mission, July 2015.

A neighborhood documentary photography project for a local blog.

Hiking the Lost Coast, June 2015.

Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon, May 2015.

In May, I co-organized San Francisco's "first" Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon, along with my friends Will Doenlen, Rachel Fong, Joshua Horowitz, and Noah Swartz.

Wears the territory, April 2015.

Adventures in computational knitting.

Bubble pool, Fallen Cosmos, January 2015.

An edible installation for Fallen Cosmos, a warehouse scale interactive theater piece in San Francisco.