Logan Williams

Understanding the winter routines of my avian neighbors with the help of a microphone and a neural network.
A guided search engine for Open Street Map to assist geospatial research.
An unpredictable exquisite corpse generated from real-time feelings. Published in The HTML Review.
Cartographic visualization of psychogeographic patterns in citizen science on iNaturalist.
An interactive article about geographic inequities in the distribution of coronavirus economic relief aid in the US, France, and the UK.
An interactive interrogation of Los Angeles' built environment and 50 years of photographs by Ed Ruscha for the Getty Research Institute. Winner of a Webby award. Lead developer, interaction designer.
East Bay Live was a realtime visual police, fire, and EMS visual scanner. Illuminating the ether of the surveillance infrastructure around us.
stamen, mapbox, maps, vue, 2020
A geospatial explorer of neighborhood-level health characteristics data developed created for the UCSF School of Medicine Dean’s Office of Population Health and Health Equity.
maps, environment, js, 2019
The impact of wealth and land use on carbon footprints, exposed using satellite imagery and data from the CoolClimate Network at UC Berkeley.
photography, land, keyword, 2014-2019
Selected photography.
stamen, video, js, 2018
An interactive exploration of electronic queueing at the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania.
stamen, docs, video, js, 2018
A data art installation for Google Next 2018. Lead developer, team project.
maps, weather, leaflet, d3, js, 2018
Explore the Bay Area's consistent seasonal microclimates with historical data from NOAA's GOES-15.
interactive, nlp, js, 2018
An interactive hypertext game based on the strange and surprising world of the ConceptNet. Warning: unfiltered crowdsourced content.
How well do you know your parks?
poem, nlp, bot, python, twitter, 2018
A computer talks to itself as it random walks the concept net.
Vignette is an open source project investigating new ways of encouraging narrative creation from personal media.
An interactive drive across the Mojave with detours through lithium brines, water politics, and decaying art.
video, maps, land, python, 2017
Google Street View is a treasure trove of images yearning to be maps of the urban sky and hallucinatory road trips.
maps, civic, 2017
Track the San Francisco fog-line in real-time with NOAA's GOES-16.
Isn't it time to listen to a small rectangle?
maps, ml, photography, js, 2017
Finding patterns and meaning in personal photos through the computational misconceptions of a poorly trained image captioning algorithm.
poetry, land, maps, 2017
What topographic ritual summons city from chaparral?
An open source, medium resolution, and broadband thermal imaging camera.
A julia library for multiscale pyramidal image decomposition, and an application to frame interpolation.
textiles, 2015
A handmade backpack with custom dyed fabric.
textiles, land, maps, 2015
Geographic scarves, "hand"-knit with All Yarns Are Beautiful.
maps, land, python, 2015
Understanding the linguistic diversity of San Francisco.
My master's thesis on three dimensional imaging inside the mammilian cochlea.
writing, radio, audio, 2014
A radio program for WMBR-Cambridge.
audio, video, max/msp, 2013
Exploring the artistic effects of a feedback loop that repeatedly bridged video and audio domains.
From the "lightfield" collected by a smartphone in a moving vehicle, we can synthesize a mile-wide aperture.
Recursive augmented reality, underwater gliders, and an autonomous robot.
hardware, docs, 2011
An open-source, flexibly-hulled sailboat.
A DIY analog synthesizer with eight step sequencer.